Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Several years ago a journalist derided most blogs calling them forums for online naval gazing. He referred to them as grilled cheese blogs (blog writer writes that he had or was having a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch) meaning that reading most blogs is pretty pointless. In answer to that, several people started blogs that were specifically about grilled cheese sandwiches. So is this blog going to be about grilled cheese sandwiches as well? Yes and no. If I happen to have a grilled cheese sandwich when I am eating out, I will write about it. I will not however write about a grilled cheese sandwich I happen to make. What I will write mostly about is the restaurants that I have been to and my opinion of them at the time I went. I won't write about fast food or chain restaurants but sandwich shops are fair game. I will also write about my experiments in charcuterie (curing meat). As it takes some time (and effort) to cure meat, that will not happen frequently. While a lot of food blogs have a lot of pictures, my present camera phone is not great so in the beginning, pictures will be the exception and not the rule. I will also write about benefits that I go to if food is a key part of them. While I may mention the restaurants that were at the benefit, I will not do a major review because you really can't get the idea of a restaurant with one bite. I have been to a lot of restaurants so I need a place to start so I will start with the beginning of the year. Obviously, this means that I have some catching up to do so I should probably get started.

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