Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Truffle Truffle

I had a gift certificate for a sampler from Truffle Truffle. As I was going to Michigan last week, I had it shipped there so I had people to share it with. I really like chocolate and sweets but I wasn't sure that I wanted to eat all of it by myself. The sampler came with a box of caramels, a box of beer and pretzel marshmallows, and a box of truffles.

First we started with the caramels. There were four caramels in the box: maple bacon, fleur de sel, Mexican hot chocolate, and dulce de leche. All of them were very good but the maple bacon and the fleur de sel were the best.
The next box was the Beer and Pretzel Marshmallows made with Rogue Chocolate Stout. The marshmallows were made with the beer, coated in chocolate and rolled in pretzels. While the marshmallows were a lot better than the ones that you would buy in a grocery store, and the chocolate and pretzels were good, the beer flavor needed to be stronger.

Finally came the truffles. I got a box of 16 with some pretty exotic sounding flavors like elderflower, pb&j, champagne, wasabi and mascarpone. As you can see, the truffles also looked good. Having said that, while there were a few flavors that were really good (strawberry lemonade, chili, pb&j), there were also several that were too subtle with the flavors (wasabi, champagne, beer and pretzel). I thought it was a good sampler that gave me an idea of what I might like (the caramels). If I buy from them again though, I will probably buy from one of the local stores that carries them like Southport Grocery or Foodstuffs. Overall, they do good things even if there are a few things that I thought they could do better.

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