Sunday, October 2, 2011


At work, I am considered the restaurant expert so it falls on me when we want to go out. It would be very easy to choose a chain but what fun is that? While I will occasionally choose Chipotle, most of the time I like to pick an independent place. Bonus points if it's a place that we haven't been to yet. We were looking for a place to go for lunch on Friday and I came across Hungry? Located in a strip mall that is actually a little difficult to get into, it's a counter service restaurant that is kind of a step up from fast food. It has an enormous menu that resembles what you might get at a Greek diner. It serves breakfast all day, several burgers, a variety of hot sandwiches, in addition to shepherd's pie, fish and chips, pork chops, and kebabs. The service was interesting. While you order do order at a counter, if you are eating there, your food is brought to you on an actual plate and are given real silverware. Standard diner fare includes a reuben which was what I ordered. It was pretty good if not fantastic. The rye was light and was grilled to a nice crunch. the corned beef was finely chopped, and the sauerkraut was nicely sauer. The Thousand Island Dressing was applied very lightly though. While I am not saying that it should have been slathered with Thousand Island Dressing, it would have been nice to not have to concentrate to taste it.

While Hungry? isn't haute cuisine, it isn't bad, there are a lot of choices and the price is pretty good. It's a good choice for lunch in the burbs.

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