Monday, January 9, 2012

Miracle Berries

In November I went to Ing for a Miracle Berry Dinner and really enjoyed it. I did some research after that dinner and found that Miracle Berry Tablets really aren't that difficult to find online. I didn't buy a pack though, until my sister showed me that she bought a pack. I thought the effect of the miracle berry was very cool and wanted to share it with friends and family so I bought a pack. My sister then bought me a pack for Christmas. Miracle berries change your sense of taste, greatly reducing sour and making things sweeter. To a lesser extent, it also makes bitter taste more savory. The change is most obvious when you eat something really sour like a lemon or lime, tasting like lemonade or limeade. While it's a really cool and dramatic demonstration, the effect lasts for between 30 minutes and two hours and I thought that trying just citrus would be a bit of a waste. While I did get lemons, limes, and oranges, I wanted to find a few things that might not change much. The tasting list included lemons, limes, oranges, three types of sour gummy candy - ribbon, sour apple and grapefruit, Cheddar cheese, Gruyere cheese, and some crackers. I provided two pieces of everything so everyone could try everything before and after. So what were the results? As I mentioned, lemons and limes tasted like lemonade and limeade, respectively. The orange lost any tartness that it normally had and the candy became much sweeter. The Cheddar didn't change much but the Gruyere did. I can't however, really describe how it did change. The cracker, while pretty nice before the miracle berry, became absolutely tasteless after. It was fun discovering how different things change. Just because the sour is removed from something, it may not make it better. I still have over one package left, I can still lots of room to experiment.

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