Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bleeding Heart Bakery and Cafe

I have written before about Bleeding Heart Bakery and said that I really liked it. In the time since I visited, they have opened two other locations and will be opening a third soon. Unfortunately, they also closed the location that I go to most frequently. One of the locations that they recently opened, in West Town, also has a cafe (actually a diner) in addition to their fantastic bakery so I decided to visit for dinner and pie on Pi day (3/14). The space looks like a twisted 50s diner with a dining bar with vinyl topped stools, tables with a semi-psychedelic design (boomerangs overlaying squares) and booths with vinyl seats that kind of look like old car seats around the walls. They call themselves a punk rock bakery so it was no surprise to hear a lot of 80s punk, mostly California and Minneapolis punk, playing as background music. It wasn't playing too loudly and I like punk rock so it was easy to eat there. As I said, the cafe is more a diner and the dinner menu was full of diner food. It had several breakfast items, some salads, chicken and some burgers. I wasn't really interested in breakfast for dinner so I decided to get a burger. I got the West Town Burger which consisted of two five ounce burgers, topped with crispy pork belly, bacon hollandaise, tomato chutney, and crispy arugula and spinach on a potato roll. This was a very good burger. It was very bacony and had the right amount of sweet, tart, and sour. I am not sure how they crisped the greens but it seemed to concentrate the flavors. The potato roll on which the burger was served was also very good. While the burger was good thogh, I do think that it would have been improved by some sharp cheese. The burger was served with some very good steak fries. The fries were well salted and also had some pepper. I think also that the fries were double fried because they were crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.
While the burger and fries were good and I really enjoyed it, as it was Pi day, I had come for the pie. While it is a play on words, pies are round and many people do use the pun to celebrate Pi day with pie. As Bleeding Heart Bakery is one of my favorite bakeries, I decided to use the play on words at a place that I knew made good pies. I had had a craving for a blueberry pie and they had a blueberry and lavender pie. I was actually not sure about the lavender but I trusted them so this is what I got. The pie had a graham cracker and almond topping and a nice and stiff crust. It was filled with blueberries which made for a really good pie. While I didn't see the lavender in the pie, as soon as I cut into it, I could smell it. The flavor was infused through the pie and it was incredible. While the pie would have been good without the lavender, the lavender made it one of the best pies I have ever had.

I really liked Bleeding Heart's new cafe and I will undoubtedly visit it again but I will definitely be back for the baked goods especially if there is pie.

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