Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Good Girls Go to Paris Crepes

When you think about food in different cities, different places will evoke different things.  Memphis evokes barbecue, Traverse City evokes Cherries, Boston evokes Clam Chowdah, and Chicago evokes Pizza.  The foods that people think of when they think of different cities are not all inclusive, of course, and there are some very good dishes that can be found in different areas that don't necessarily fit their locations.  For example, I think you would be hard pressed to find anyone that would think of crepes when they think of Detroit.  There is, however, a very good creperie, Good Girls Go to Paris Crepes, which is located in Midtown Detroit located near Detroit Institute of Arts and Wayne State University.  We were going to the DIA, it was morning, it was close, and I was hungry so we decided to stop here.  The restaurant is kind of small, seating about 40 people, but the tables were far enough apart that it wasn't really claustrophobic.  The street front was a window wall which helped light the interior which was done in black.  The ceilings were high and unfinished and the walls were decorated with French New Wave Movie Posters.  On the menu were all manner of crepes (and a side salad).  Beverages included Intelligencia Coffee and San Pellegrino.  The crepes were divided (roughly) into sweet and savory and were all named after women.  We ordered three crepes, one savory, one sweet, and one that could have gone either way.

For our savory crepe, we had the Annette, which contained Nova Lox, Spinach, Tomatoes, Brie, and Herbs de Provence.  The crepe was light, delicate, and slightly crisp.  The Nova Lox, or Nova Scotia Salmon was tender and had a light flavor.  The spinach, tomatoes, and Brie went together well with the salmon and the Herbs de Provence provided a spicy herbal flavor that added depth.  I really enjoyed it. 

The sweet crepe was called the Melinda and it was essentially a Key Lime Pie.  It contained cream cheese, limes, and brown sugar.  The crepe was topped with powdered sugar and was served with more fresh limes.  It was sweet, creamy, tart, and very delicate.  It wasn't as tart as a regular key lime pie was but it did have the fresh limes that were served with it.

The other crepe was listed as a savory crepe but it did have elements of sweetness to it and it could have gone either way.  It was called the Wendy and it contained Blue Cheese, Cherries, Walnuts, Spinach, and was topped with a Raspberry Vinaigrette.  It was sweet, tart, tangy, delicate, and some bitterness from the spinach and the blue cheese.  Of the three crepes that we had, I chose two of them, the Annette (Nova Lox and Brie), and the Melinda (Key Lime Pie).  My favorite crepe though, was the Wendy.

This place was fun, casual, and did some very good crepes.  The service was friendly, and the place was nice.  My one complaint was small and was actually with the crepes.  I prefer my crepes rolled and these were folded.  This however, will not prevent me from coming here again, given the opportunity.     

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