Sunday, March 30, 2014

Farmhouse - Brunch

I went to Farmhouse for dinner recently and really enjoyed it.  When I saw that they also did brunch, I decided to inform my friends and we decided to try it out recently.  I arranged for a reservation for 10 but only eight made it.  We didn't all make it but it was still a large party.  and it did tell me how well they were able to handle a large party.  I arrived early and saw that we would be seated at a group of tables that had been joined together.  It was nice because the light from the front window was good and it was a good place to people watch because we were able to watch people as they entered.  I waited outside for my friends and when a few arrived, we entered and were immediately seated.  When most of us had arrived, we decided to get an order of Beer Battered Wisconsin Cheese Curds and Cinnamon Rolls for the table.  I already knew that the Cheese Curds were good, it was nice though to share them.  The batter was light, the cheese was salty and flavorful, and while they didn't squeak (because they were fried) but they did have a nice and slightly chewy texture.  For the Cinnamon Rolls, there were two served in a small dish.  They were sweet, well iced, and soft, with a good cinnamon flavor.  They were also so good that they were eaten before pictures could be taken.
For my "entree", I got a Short Rib Hash with Celery Root, Parsnips, Poached Eggs, and Herb Butter (in addition to the Short Rib and Potatoes).  The dish looked very good, with the meat and vegetables well mixed and the poached eggs placed on top.  The eggs were poached slightly hard and well seasoned.  The vegetables were cooked but maintained much of their crispness and they and the short rib were well seasoned.  While everything else was cooked well though, the short rib seamed to be a bit overcooked in places and was a little dry.  I did think, for the most part, that it tasted good, but it would have been better if it had been cooked a little shorter.  I am sure that the cooks in the kitchen can cook very well and will assume that the slightly overcooked hash was a result of trying to prepare everything for our large party.

There was also a dessert menu for brunch.  This is a little unusual, but there are other restaurants that do it and I was happy to try it out.  I went with a Hyacinth Panna Cotta with other floral notes and Shortbread Croutons and was served with Pear Sorbet.  The panna cotta was brightly colored and had a lot of floral notes.  The croutons were slightly sweet and also floral.  The tartness of the sorbet cut the sweetness of the dish and the pear flavor enhanced the flavors of the panna cotta.  It was a very good dish and I really enjoyed it.

Overall I really enjoyed brunch here.  While the hash was slightly overcooked, it was still good, and the service was very good.  Our waitress was very friendly and our service was quick.  I would definitely go again but I might come again with a smaller party. 

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