Friday, June 20, 2014

Tweet ...Let's Eat - Brunch

I will admit that when I choose a restaurant whether for brunch or for some other meal, I tend to rely on online buzz.  I will listen to opinions of friends occasionally, but if I haven't really seen much online, I may be a little skeptical.  This was the case when I planned a brunch at Tweet ..Let's Eat.  Some friends recommended it and while I knew that it was associated with Big Chicks Bar, a very popular gay bar in Uptown, but that's all I really knew.  I was told that Tweet was very popular, that it took no reservations and was cash only, so I warned the people that were joining me and I planned for a visit a little earlier than I usually plan my brunches.  I arrived a little early and confirmed what my friends said, that it was a very popular place.  The fact that we went on Father's Day may have contributed to the crowd, but I saw enough people that didn't seem to be or be with parents that I would guess that it's popular in any case.  I also saw that it looked rather small, or at least has a small storefront.  When I entered, I saw that while the patio was small and the entrance was narrow, it did have two rooms and was fairly deep.  The room was set up with banquette seating on both sides with a walkway between the two sets of tables.  The banquette was wood but it did have throw pillows which did add some comfort.  The walls were covered with pictures, both photographic and painting that are curated around the notion of space, interior, exterior, urban, and rural.  The images were very good and it was interesting to look at all of them.  When we were seated, we were greeted with a plate of Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake that was sprinkled with Powdered Sugar.  The cake was moist, sweet, and had a lot of chocolate chips.  I am sure that it would have been very good with coffee had I actually ordered coffee.  I ordered a breakfast cocktail which I enjoyed.
We made our orders and found that all of our dishes came with a Fruit Salad.  The fruit was very fresh and sweet, but I would have enjoyed it much more had it not included Cantaloupe.  Other than the cantaloupe, the salad included Pineapple, Strawberries, Blueberries, Raspberries, Blackberries, Honeydew, and Watermelon.  With the variety of fruit, the salad was a joy to eat and if it didn't have cantaloupe, I would have really enjoyed it. 
Between the coffeecake and the fruit salad, it was unnecessary to get a sweet to pair with my savory main course.  So on to my main course, the menu was pretty big, and included, in addition to the standard eggs, pancakes, French toast, skillets, and omelettes,  hash, a variety of quiches, and a good selection of breakfast burritos, which is where I went.  I ordered a Numero Ocho also known as the Dirty Man.  It was a meat lovers burrito that contained Chorizo, Ham, Bacon, Scrambled Eggs, Onions, and Hash Browns.  It was topped with Cheddar Cheese and Cilantro, and served with Creme Fraiche, Pico de Gallo, and Salsa.  The tortilla, if not made in-house, was fresh and it was stuffed.  Unfortunately, for the first several bites, all I got was scrambled eggs and hash browns.  I thought at first, that I had the wrong burrito, but I eventually found it on the other side and it was much better with the meat.  The salsa did have some spice, but it was not exceptionally spicy and it did add flavor to the burrito, as did the creme fraiche and the pico de gallo.

I really enjoyed my meal here.  The space looked really nice, the art was nice, the staff was very friendly, and the food was good.  I was surprised that it stayed so far under the radar online and have to think that the crowds are locals.  In any case, it was very good and would enjoy returning.    

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