Sunday, July 13, 2014

Toft's Dairy

I went to Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio over the 4th of July weekend.  While we went for the roller coasters, we did not stay in the park and no matter how much time you spend there, sometimes you need to eat.  A friend, who grew up in Sandusky, recommended a couple of things to eat while we were there.  The first were the Cedar Point Fries
which I already knew about and loved,  but the other thing was Toft's Dairy.  She had mentioned Toft's Dairy in the past in reference to the fact that their serving sizes were enormous so I was interested and tried to figure out how to plan a trip there.  We noticed that it was west of town so we decided to stop when we were leaving.  While we were at Cedar Point, we also noticed that there was a Toft's Ice Cream and Toft's Custard Shop there.  We had made the decision to stop at the dairy for the full experience, so we weren't going to have the ice cream at Cedar Point, but since the custard was only listed as a mix on Toft's website and we were going to be going for the ice cream anyway, we figured that having the custard at Cedar Point was not skimping.  The custard at Cedar Point (like all food) was pretty expensive.  They offered Chocolate, Vanilla, and Swirl, which is fairly standard as custards go.  I ordered the swirl so I could try both flavors.  While it wasn't anything out of the ordinary, it was light and creamy, as custard should be, and very good.  Those of us that tried it, enjoyed it and while it wasn't the ice cream itself, it gave us a lot of anticipation for the trip to the dairy.
When we traveled to Toft's, there was a little bit of surprise for the fact that it wasn't really in the city.  This makes sense though, because it allows them to be closer to the dairy farms from which they receive their raw materials.  It was on a main road and it was pretty big, so it would have been difficult to miss.    The ice cream parlor looks like a classic ice cream parlor with a list of flavors behind the counter and the ice creams, there were about 70 flavors, behind glass and labeled individually.  The ice cream parlor was white and there were chairs (like old school chairs) against the wall opposite the counter and round tables with parasols under a tent outside.  I was warned ahead of time, that a small may be sufficient so that is what I planned on ordering.  I was having to deal with the loss of my glasses so I didn't notice that you could get two flavors with a small.  It was fine though because it was hard enough trying to choose one flavor because many looked good.  If I had had to choose two, I would have also had to consider what flavors complemented each other while barely being able to see what I had to choose from.  I ordered a waffle cone (although a cup was cheaper and probably easier to eat).  I ordered Muddy's Sea Salt Slam, a flavor honoring Muddy, the mascot of the Toledo Mudhens, the AAA affiliate of the Detroit Tigers.  The ice cream consisted of salty caramel streaks in Vanilla Ice Cream with Chocolate Covered Peanuts.  I really liked this ice cream.  The ice cream itself was sweet and salty as were the peanuts, which were plentiful and were also sweet and salty.  I am glad that my friend warned us just to go with the small, because while I finished my ice cream, there were others that couldn't do it.  Being that this is in Ohio, this isn't a place I will be visiting often, but when I return to Cedar Point, I will definitely push for making this a tradition.

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