Friday, October 10, 2014

Lockdown Bar &Grill

I have long claimed that Kuma's Corner makes the best burgers in town.  They are without question the most creative and there are many places that take aim at them.  Lockdown Bar & Grill is one of the most blatant Kuma's knock-offs.  They also are primarily a burger bar with a good beer list and a heavy metal soundtrack and a staff with a lot of ink.  They do differentiate themselves somewhat though by playing concert movies on their many flat screens instead of just having a very loud metal soundtrack.  The bar is also designed with a prison motif with black walls, a lot of steel bars, and chain link, and liberal use of deck plating.  The movie that was playing on the evening that I went was an Iron Maiden Concert Film.  I dined there on a Tuesday night recently when they have a half-price burger special.  I was happy to see that I picked the right night to go.  They have a pretty extensive beer list so it actually longer to pick my beer than it did my burger.  I ended up going with Evil Twin's Hipster Ale because I figured that I may never see it again.  Evil Twin is a gypsy brewer originally from Denmark and now from Brooklyn that produces limited edition and one-off beers.  I figured, if I saw something from Evil Twin, because their brews are short runs, I probably won't see Hipster Ale again.  As far as the beer was concerned, it was an American Pale Ale that was a bit simple of flavor, but done well.  I enjoyed it and would be happy to try another beer from Evil Twin.

The burgers at Lockdown, like the burgers at Kuma's, have a theme, although the theme at Lockdown is about crime and punishment.  The burger that I got was a minor crime but a major burger.  It was called a Public Disturbance.  It had Bacon, Gorgonzola, Onion Rings, and BBQ Sauce.  It was enormous and with the barbecue sauce dripping down, it looked like a crime scene.  It came with a side of Hand Cut Fries.  The burger was hard to get my mouth around, but it was very good.  The barbecue sauce was sweet, the bacon and onion rings were crispy, and the Gorgonzola had a good blue cheese flavor.  While the combination was not that unusual, it was very good and the burger itself was probably one of the best around.  It was tender, juicy, and very flavorful. 

The burgers at Lockdown, while not incredibly creative, are very good as is the beer list and the Tuesday burger deal is a win.  I will definitely be back for more.

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