Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Roxie's By the Slice

I like pizza.  Having said that, going out by myself, or even sometimes with two people, depending on the pizza, can make it hard to get a pizza without ending up having to eat it for the next several days.  This makes places that serve pizza by the slice advantageous.  To this end, I went to a place whose entire menu is built around pizza by the slice, Roxie's By The Slice.  It's a small place in Wicker Park with a very rustic feel.  The widows are small, the walls have exposed brick and building blocks, the tables are like cafeteria tables, and the kitchen is open with a bar facing it.  Orders are done at the counter just inside the door.  Roxies offers two pies, Red and White, and has 8 toppings that can be added to each slice (including anchovies) for a dollar a topping.  The pies are precooked and then reheated with toppings when ordered.  I was told that two toppings was probably best because any more than that and the flavors get muddled.  I decided to order one white slice and one red.  For my White Slice, I ordered Prosciutto and Mushrooms.  It was a pretty enormous slice, about 12 inches, and was well layered with the prosciutto and mushrooms.  The crust was thin and foldable, which made it easier to eat.  It was also very nice to eat.
With my Red Slice, I got Pepperoni and Sopressata.  With this slice, there was a good covering of pepperoni with paper thin sopressata spread over the entire slice.  It was salty and meaty and the crust had a good chew.  I really enjoyed my slices and will definitely return.  In addition to the prosciutto, mushrooms, pepperoni, and sopressata that I got on my slices, they also have olives, arugula, sweet peppers, and anchovies on the menu so there are many other choices to try.  I have heard really good things about the Red Slice with Arugula and Sopressata, so I have an idea where I may go the next time I come here.         

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