Monday, September 5, 2016

Wyler Road

When I first moved into the neighborhood, there was a small sandwich shop about 3 blocks away called The Brown Sack which I really liked.  After a few years, it moved to a bigger place, which was a block further away, but I actually passed it regularly, so it was easy to stop.  I didn't visit it often, but I did go occasionally and I was sad when it closed a couple of years ago.  Last year, another place opened in their space.  I am not sure if the new owners bought the place from them, or bought it after it closed, but in any case, a new sandwich shop called Wyler Road opened in The Brown Sack's former space.  Other than a new paint job and different wall art, the space was not changed a lot.  One big change was that it now has a liquor license and the sandwich counter is now a bar.  There is a chalkboard at the front that lists the beers on tap and the cocktails.  When I go there, I like to sit at the bar because I can always be guaranteed a conversation.  The last time I went, I sat at the bar and ordered a Destihl Counter Clockweisse, a sour weisse from a brewery that does several very good sours.
While the sandwich menu between the two sandwich shops is similar (Wyler Road does not have a BLAST (Bacon, Lettuce, Avocado, Shrimp, Tomato)), Wyler Road has restaurant style sides.  I decided to go with a side that I seem to frequently go with when I come here, Fried Cheese Curds with Fried Basil and House Ranch.  The curds are served warm and have a nice crispy shell surrounding a gooey and chewy inside.  While the ranch dressing is good with the curds, it really isn't necessary, because the curds are good on their own.  I would not pass, however, on the fried basil, which was sprinkled on the ranch dressing.  It provides a flavor explosion.

For my sandwich, I went with a Short Rib Sandwich served shredded on a Batard (French roll similar to a Baguette although more squat) with Moody Bleu Cheese, Beef Gravy, and Fried Shallots.  It was also served with Housemade Chips.  They were offered in Plain, Spicy, Salt and Vinegar flavors, I went with the Salt and Vinegar.  The beef itself was a little dry, but the gravy provided enough moisture to the sandwich.  The shallots were crispy, and, along with the bleu cheese, added some great flavor.  The bread was crusty and chewy, and as a whole it made for a substantial sandwich.  The chips were thick, crunchy, and provided a great complementary flavor to the sandwich.  While I do miss the Brown Sack, Wyler Road does a great job at more than replacing it and I will continue to go for a good sandwich and a beer or cocktail.

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