Monday, August 8, 2011

Doughnut Vault

When there is a big trend, people are always ready to call it over and start looking for the next trend. Cupcakes have been declared over for years. A few higher end doughnut shops have opened recently and the trend spotters are starting to say that doughnuts are the new cupcake. I will not necessarily say that because while doughnuts are very good, I don't know if you can be as creative with a doughnut as you can with a cupcake. This is not to say that cupcakes can't be very good but I don't think that you will see an independent doughnut shop on every corner like you do with cupcakes. I do think though, that there is a definite niche for artisanal doughnuts. On Friday morning, I went to the Doughnut Vault, an independent artisanal doughnut shop attached to the Gilt Bar. It had gotten a lot of hype and I had heard that it was kind of small and that there was always a long line when it's open. I got there early because of the long lines and the fact that they only made a certain number of doughnuts a day and stay open until they sell out. I was the second person there but the line grew quickly. The outside of the store looked very nice. Everything was a washed-out blue color. There was a menu on the wall and a long table beside the entrance. From the prices on the menu, the doughnuts looked kind of expensive. I would find out whether the prices were warranted soon enough. The shop opened and I saw how tiny it was. There was room for a person to stand in front of the counter and one person to stand behind them. Behind the counter, there was room for one person, two doughnut racks, a coffee pot and a cash register. When I got to the counter, I ordered two doughnuts, the Gingerbread Stack and the Chocolate Glazed Doughnut.The doughnuts are enormous which accounted for some of the price. I left the shop and found a place to enjoy my doughnuts. Unfortunately, they didn't travel so well and got a little smooshed and a lot of the chocolate glaze got stuck to the bag. They still tasted really good though. The Gingerbread Stack was actually 3 gingerbread doughnuts stacked on one another and the glazed doughnut was about twice the size of a Krispy Kreme. The doughnuts were very good, and I would pay a premium for them over Dunkin Donuts. Because of their hours and location though, they won't be a place I will be visiting often but give the opportunity, I would come again.

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