Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I was riding home in the rain on Sunday and was passing by Superdawg so I decided to stop. As far as the food is concerned, it really isn't much more than any other hot dog stand but going there is like driving into the past. It is a classic hot dog joint with many drive-in booths and the building looks like one of the drive-ins that you would see in a movie set in the 50s or early 60s. One cool thing about the building though is the two 12 foot hot dog figures on the roof. They are a male and female, the male in a hide suit and the female in a skirt, and they kind of represent the couple that founded the place.
You can get chicken and burgers here, but because it's ultimately a hot dog joint, that's what I ordered. While their menu isn't that special, what they do, they do well and everything comes with fries. The Superdawg is a classic Chicago hot dog with mustard, onions, neon green relish, a pickle wedge, a green tomato, on a sesame roll. It's simple, it's classic, it's fun, and it's very good. Superdawg isn't a place that I will make a trip for but if I happen to be in the area, I am happy to stop by.

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