Monday, September 19, 2011


I realize that I posted about Gaztro-wagon in April but the sandwich I had yesterday warranted a special post. I hate pears. The skin is too tough and the fruit is very frequently gritty. It isn't a perfect description, but I have told people that it makes my teeth itch. Suffice it to say that it doesn't have a good mouthfeel for me. Cooking them generally doesn't generally help because it turns the fruit mushy without removing all of the grit and leaves the skin tough. I think that I've made the point that I don't think much of pears. Gaztro-Wagon's naanwiches on the other hand are very good. They are very creative, combining wildly different and unusual flavors and wrap them in a fluffy and chewy naan. I was in Morton Grove on Sunday at the Chicago Flatwater Classic and the Gaztro-Wagon was there. I was working so I didn't get a chance to get there until the end. At that time, there was only a Roasted Pear Naanwich left. As I don't care for pears, I did look around to see if there was anything else available. There was not so I decided to bite the bullet and actually try it. Besides the roasted pears, the naanwich also had Taleggio Cheese, dandelion pesto, and truffle honey so other than the pears, it sounded really good. I took a bite and while the skin was still a little tough, a lot of the grit was gone. It also wasn't cooked to mush. The dandelion pesto had a nice pesto flavor with the underlying bitter floral flavor of dandelions. The honey was light but there was a background flavor of truffle and taleggio cheese has a pretty pungent flavor as well. It was sweet, sour and bitter and had a very nice texture. While I don't know if I would order it again because there is always something else interesting at the Gaztro-Wagon, it isn't something that I would be afraid of or repulsed by.

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