Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween at Lula Cafe

Lula Cafe is a nice little place in my neighborhood. It is also one of my favorite restaurants (despite the fact that I haven't been there in a while and so haven't written about it). They serve local, seasonal, and some organic food with a menu that changes often for brunch and dinner but on Halloween, they do something special and dress up as a different restaurant (with their own spin). In past years, they have dressed up as "Olive Pit" (a spin on Olive Garden), Not Doug's (Hot Doug's with zombies), and last year's Luma's Corner (Kuma's Corner). This year, they became Taco Hell (a Hellish Taco Bell). There were banners flying above the door and flames on the wall, a poster of a demonic chihuahua was on the wall and red demonic donkey pinatas with horns and black spots were hanging by their necks through out the restaurant.
The line to the restaurant was very long which made the sign in front of the door very appropriate (see above). We were given menus while we were in line but despite the fact that I had quite a bit of time to look over the menu to decide what I wanted before I got in, it was still a difficult decision. Rick Bayless consulted on the menu so everything looked excellent. What it came down to was a quick decision. I got in to the restaurant after being in line for about an hour and a half. The way things worked was that you came to a counter to make your order and pay. You then found a table to sit at and when your order came up, the devil (Rick Bayless) called out your number yelling into a bullhorn warning you that your food was ready. I ordered what was essentially a Gordita and a Chalupa, called a Double Decker Beef Taco Supreme Dark Lord and a Steak Chalupacabra. The food was amazing and the event was comical.

Despite the long line, I really enjoyed my time and my dinner and I am really glad that Lula is in my neighborhood. The event was fun, funny, and absolutely delicious. While I don't go there really often, I do have that option when I do want to go.

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