Saturday, January 17, 2015

Uncommon Ground on Clark - Brunch

I don't often do brunch two days in a row, but events played out that way and I like brunch, so after enjoying brunch at Marmalade on Saturday, I went to Uncommon Ground on Clark (there is a second Uncommon Ground with a different menu that is also on my brunch list).  I have been to Uncommon Ground a few times and really like it.  Their emphasis on on organic and local and the fact that they have been listed as the Greenest Restaurant in America can give people the idea that their menu might be pretty boring.  This is not the case, as can be seen when the menu, which is printed on recycled printed paperboard, is looked at.  We were seated in the dining room off to the side of the main room where musicians play in the evening.  With hardwood floors, walls, and furniture, it really reminds me of a hunting lodge.  The only thing that is really missing is a fireplace and that is in the main room.  There are a lot of veggies on the menu, and it is very veggie-friendly, it has many brunch standards enough bacon, sausage, corned beef, to make most people happy.  My goto for brunch is generally a hash and their hash looked really good to me, so that is what I ordered.  Served in a bowl, it was a little surprising to me, but it still looked good.  The hash had House-Corned (salt cured) Slagel Farms Beef Brisket, Fingerling Potato Confit, and Roast Brussels Sprouts, and was topped with a Poached Egg, Baby Kale, and Lemon Hollandaise Sauce.  It was served with a side salad of Augula, Radicchio, and other leaf vegetables, Butternut Squash, and a House Vinaigrette.  The salad was relatively simple, but it was very fresh and provided a little lightness to a dish that would have been very heavy by itself.  The hash was very good.  All of the elements, the brisket, potatoes, and brussels sprouts, were very tender and flavorful.  The poached egg was perfectly cooked, and after breaking the yolk to let it run and mix with the rest of the hash, it made sense why it was served in a bowl.  The hollandaise was applied lightly, but provided a nice lemony taste, which paired well with the brussels sprouts and brought the egg in well. 

I again liked my experience at this Uncommon Ground.  The food was again great and while there were a few hiccups in service, they were taken care of quickly, and with the appropriate apologies.  I will again enjoy returning here and look forward to also dining at the other Uncommon Ground.

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