Saturday, June 18, 2011

Black Dog Gelato

While it isn't a huge distance for me, I am really glad that it does take some effort to get to Black Dog Gelato. Gelato, is an Italian frozen dairy based dessert, that is similar to ice cream but less milk fat, more sugar and doesn't last nearly as long as ice cream will. In my experience, it is also generally creamier than ice cream. Jessica Oloroso, the former pastry chef for Stephanie Izard in her previous enterprise, Scylla, and owner of Black Dog Gelato, is also wildly creative with her flavor combinations. Favorites include Mexican Chocolate, Salty Peanut, Sesame Fig Chocolate Chip, Strawberry Basil, and Lemon Lavender. Unfortunately, there are no menus posted online or elsewhere because she doesn't want to be limited by a menu so you actually have to go there to see what is on the menu on any given day. The gelato is served in cups. With a small, you can get two flavors and with a large you can get three. Any and all flavors may be sampled before you order as well. For my cup, I got a goat cheese caramel cashew and lemon ginger. It was sa good flavor combination but because they were both the same color, I didn't know what I was going to be tasting with any given bite. It was really good. It was so good in fact that I was reminded of the face that my sister Kathryn made when I introduced her to Dulce de Leche Gelato and I was hoping that I wasn't making the same face because I was in public and it could be potentially embarassing if someone saw me. So why, if it's so good, am I glad that it takes some effort to get there? Because if it was easy, I would have to do that much more biking to try to keep my weight down.

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