Wednesday, June 15, 2011

City Farm, June

I did already post once about City Farm but, being a farm, it does change throughout the year. Because it has such a small footprint, the farmers have to be very efficient and the rows are turned around very quickly after a harvest. This time of year on the farm they are growing carrots, radishes, turnips, beets, asparagus, and head and leaf lettuce. Leaf lettuces like arugula can be harvested multiple times but the more it is harvested, the more bitter it gets. Citty farm will generally harvest arugula about four times before clearing it (which is what I did when I was there). Because they were just going to compost it, I tried some and it was really good. It had a buttery, nutty flavor with a radishy finish. Having tried much of their produce, I can understand why some of the fine dining restaurants in the area buy from City Farm. It's nice also that I can buy their produce at the local farmer's market but in addition to all of this, it's fun to play in the dirt.

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