Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sacco Bruno

It doesn't seem like a bad location, but in the four years that I have lived in the area, the location that is now occupied by Sacco Bruno has been 4 different food establishments. It has been a couple of bakeries, a smoothie/health food store, and now is an Italian sandwich shop/cafe with some specialty groceries. It is run by a family that has spent a significant time in Italy and Sicily and the name means Brown Sack. There is actually another sandwich shop in the neighborhood called The Brown Sack (which I will talk about at some future date) but they are unrelated. I pass by the location every day but I was in the area at about lunch time on Saturday afternoon and I had no plans so I decided to try it out. The sandwich list looked good but when I saw the pizzas there, I was sold. The pizza is Roman style and is actually sold by the pound. Roman style pizzas are cooked on large, rectangular pans so obviously are cut in rectangular pieces. There were four different types and they all looked good so since they sold it by the pound, I decided to get samples of all four pizzas. In the picture from top to bottom the pizzas were pepperoni; sausage, potato, and onion; chicken, artichoke, and spinach; and veggie with mushrooms, green and yellow peppers, tomatoes, and spinach. All of the pizzas were good but I liked the sausage, potato, and onion best. From the way that the people working talked, the pizzas change frequently so I will have to find another lunch time free to try some more of their pizzas (or a sandwich).

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