Wednesday, April 20, 2011


In many of the posts that I have written, I have talked about the aesthetic of the restaurant that I went to. With a food truck, you can only do this tangentially. The owner of the Gaztro-Wagon, Matt Maroni has been at the forefront of the food truck scene in Chicago, helping to guide the law that allowed food trucks to operate on Chicago's streets. Chicago is a beautiful city even on days like yesterday when the wind and rain did not want to let up. I have mentioned earlier that I found another food truck essentially by accident. How do you find a food truck when you are actually looking for them? As they are mobile and will move from place to place, this would seem like it could be a potential problem. Twitter to the rescue. The food trucks (including Gaztro-Wagon) all have twitter feeds to let potential customers know where they are going to be. So finding who you want to find should be pretty easy, right? It turns out that it isn't as easy as it sounds. I went to hunt down the Gaztro-Wagon for lunch yesterday. It said that it would be by the Wrigley Building around noon so that's where I went. The Wrigley Building is an easy to find landmark but roads run by it on two levels and on all four sides so it wasn't as obvious as it seemed to be. After waiting at the front for about 15 minutes, I went hunting. I found them on the lower level behind the building which apparently is as close as they could legally get.

In any case, I ended up getting a wild boar naan-wich with fig and bacon relish and artichokes and a side of plantain chips. As it is mobile, there were no seats and as it was raining, I had to find a place to eat this wondrous sounding feast. I walked to the el and rode over to Ogilvie Transportation Station where I then went to the French Market. As it was my birthday, I thought I deserved something sweet so I got a brownie from Sweet Miss Givings. I then had my lunch there.

The naan was nice and chewy, the boar was pulled and had a slightly sweet porky flavor to it, the relish really reminded me of the bacon jam that I made for Christmas and the artichokes were a nice surprise. The plantain chips were good although they were a little bit of a surprise because they were cut lengthwise instead of crosswise and the brownie was nice and dense and sweet as a brownie should be. It was a bit of an adventure to get my lunch but it was worth it and when I play hookie from work again they will be on my short list of places to go for lunch.

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