Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bacon, Revisited

The last time I made some bacon, I commented on the fact that while it was really good, because I didn't have a smoker, the bacon tasted like Canadian bacon. Both American and Canadian bacon are made from pork belly, but only American bacon is smoked so what I made in my last attempt was Canadian bacon. My father has a smoker which he really enjoys using so this time around, I decided to do a joint operation with him. I would cure the meat and then send it to him to smoke. The recipe I used was the same as last time: sugar salt, brown sugar, and a tiny bit of pink salt, and the curing time in the refrigerator was the same, a week with a flip every other day. I did, however, put the bag in a baking pan to allow the meat more contact with the liquid that it lost. The last time I finished the cure, I rinsed it and threw it in the oven at a low heat for two hours. Because I wanted it smoked this time, I rinsed, rebagged, and froze it for transport.My Dad smoked it for a couple of hours with apple and cherry wood and I have to say that it looks really good. Hopefully there is some left when I come for a visit in a few weeks. Bacon is really easy to do and it was fun to make but I think the next time I do something, I will do pancetta and/or guanciale. They both look fairly easy to do as well and neither require smoking but they do take more time.

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