Thursday, July 21, 2011

Food Culture

I happened to perusing the web recently and came across a "subway map" that describes the current food culture. It was designed by Hartman Salt, a leader in food trends and all things food. While the above picture is colorful, admittedly, there isn't much that can be read from it. A full size picture can be viewed here. The lines include packaged foods, modern cuisine, global cuisine, local, sustainable, media, and education and the stops include Michael Pollan (in the politico zone at the junction of local, sustainable, education, and food media), Michelle Obama (education and food media), Rick Bayless (packaged and local), Grant Achatz (modern and sustainable), and Mario Batali (central and packaged). It's an interesting map although I think that I would have found a way to connect a few people differently. For example, I might have added an Organic line and I definetly would have found a way to connect Rick Bayless with the Local and Sustainable Lines.

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