Monday, April 11, 2011


Aria is located in the Fairmont Hotel, the same hotel that hosted the Cystic Fibrosis Grand Chef Gala, so it was the second time that I had been to the hotel. I actually went with my friend Heather and her little sister Caly. The restaurant was actually kind of dark but it was also very red. The tables are round and we were sat at an inside corner with a good view of the rest of the restaurant although the sushi bar/lounge was around another corner. As far as the cuisine is concerned, they serve a modern Asian cuisine with a lot of seafood on the menu. The bread course was naan with 4 different sauces, a chickpea sauce, a jalapeno cilantro sauce, and a couple that I don't remember. My appetizer was a tuna tartare with kaffir lime, edamame-horseradish puree, thai chile, and blood orange. It was pretty good and had a nice level of spice to it but what can I say, I like raw fish. My entree was also very good. I had the scallops with curried cauliflower, cauliflower falafel m√Ęche, carrot-foie gras puree. It looked good and also tasted really good but the cauliflower falafel kind of reminded me of an empanada which is neither good nor bad but definitely different and unexpected. While the appetizer and entree were good. It was the dessert that stretched ideas. The dessert that I had was called the farmers market. It consisted of a goat cheesecake, poached cranberries, acorn squash, and beet sorbet. Now when I am served a dish with multiple elements, I will try the different elements individually. Goat cheese cheesecake was really good. It was a little more savory than a normal cheesecake and had a "goaty" element to it. The poached cranberries were presented to the side of the cheesecake and if you like cranberries, they were very good. The acorn squash was actually roasted seeds presented on top of the cheesecake. They went very well together. The last element was the beet sorbet. As could be expected, it was very red it was kind of sweet but it tasted like beets as could be expected. I like beets but I can't say much for the sorbet by itself. While it didn't work well by itself, if combined with the cheesecake and the cranberries, it really worked. Overall, the dinner was good and the company was good as well.

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