Friday, April 1, 2011

Bad Apple

There seems to have been a run recently on beer bars that serve gourmet burgers. The Bad Apple, in North Center, is one of the more recent. It has a very rustic look to it with wooden benches and a long wood bar. There were also sculptures on the wall that looked like cyborg cattle skulls. It looked as if the artist used the requisite skulls but then replaced different parts with metal. They were actually kind of cool. As it is a bar, it has a great list of craft brews and imports. They have so many, in fact, that it was actually kind of hard to choose what I wanted. I did find something good though. I mentioned that this is a burger bar, there are other things on the menu but admittedly, I didn't really look at anything other than the burgers. There were a lot of the typical things, angus beef, a variety of cheeses, bacon, but several of the burgers included beer in their recipes and a few are just weird. I am of the belief that a restaurant will not put a bad tasting thing on the menu no matter how weird it sounds so if something sounds really weird, I have a strong urge to try it. So what was sthe weird burger that I had? It was called Elvis's Last Supper and it was a burger with bacon and peanut butter. The flavor was good but all it had on it was bacon and peanut butter. In my opinion, it needed something else. The Bad Apple wasn't bad, but unless I have a reason to go up there, it wasn't anything that's going to draw me back especially since I have a much better burger bar that's closer (Kuma's Corner).

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