Saturday, April 16, 2011

Redmoon Theatre Spectacle Lunatique

This wasn't precisely a food event but with the quality of chefs/restaurants that were invited and the food that was served, I had to include it. Redmoon Theatre is an avant garde theatre group that focuses both on spectacle and on community. There pieces are very area specific and involve all manner of creative art including music, puppetry, animation, music, and of course, acting. Their set pieces tend to be pretty big and a bit odd and the stories that they tell are fantastic (as in full of fantasy) which is what's good about them. Redmoon's Spectacle Lunatique is their annual fundraiser which is held at their own space, called Redmoon Central in the warehouse district of Chicago. I worked as a photographer's assistant for this event so I was able to sample many of the dishes offered by the chefs as we were running around the main room. The picture above features many of the chefs that were serving at the event. Unfortunately, I am not certain of all of their names though I will try to name who I can. From left to right we have Charles Joly from the Drawing Room (named America's Best Bartender by LXTV's "On the Rocks" reality show/competition), not sure who is to his right/behind him, in front is the sous chef from Hot Chocolate representing Mindy Segal, Frank Maugieri co-artistic director for Redmoon Theatre, Jimmy Bannos, Jr. from The Purple Pig (behind), Ralph Senst (Redmoon Donor), Paul Kahan (Blackbird, Avec, The Publican, Big Star, etc.), Bill Kim (Urban Belly, Belly Shack), Giuseppe Tentori (Boka, GT Fish & Oyster), Andrew Zimmerman (behind, Executive Chef of Sepia), Michael Carlson (Schwa), Chris Pandel (The Bristol), and another Redmoon Representative. Not pictured is Stephanie Izard (Girl and the Goat). This was a great event to attend and not just for the food. I will definitely come again in future years.

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