Saturday, April 23, 2011

Provenance Food and Wine

I really should stay away from gourmet food stores. I will almost invariably spend too much money on a bunch of stuff that I find irresistible. I was looking for some interesting items to put into an Easter basket and went to Provenance Food and Wine. The store is a neighborhood store that carries a wide variety of specialty items and reasonably priced wines. Some of these items include bread, cheese, bacon, prosciutto, ice cream, granolas, and any number of condiments. While there were a wide variety of things that I was interested in, I ended up buying Coconut Roche from B True Bakery, Sea Salt and Honey Pecan Truffles and Pub Bark with Pretzels, Peanuts, and Corn Chips from Rich's Chocolate and Candies. These are going into the Easter Basket but I had to also get something for me so I got Queen City Cayenne Ice Cream from Jeni's Ice Cream and River Valley Kitchens Garlic Pickled Mushrooms. While I can't speak specifically to the taste of the sweets, I have had other Rich's Chocolates before and they are really good. As for the Roche, I can't imagine it being any less good if it is stocked at Provenance. I can speak to the quality of the mushrooms and the ice cream though (although not together). The mushrooms are nice and crisp and the garlic pickle provides a bright and fresh flavor to them. The ice cream is some of the best that I have ever had. The ice cream I bought was a chocolate ice cream with a lot of cinnamon and cayenne with no preservatives or artificial flavors. It is very creamy with a good chocolate flavor which follows in quick succession with some good cinnamon and the slow burn of the cayenne pepper. I will definitely get some more of this in the future. I really thought about buying a bottle of wine as well but I generally don't like committing to a whole bottle of wine. In any case, there is a lot of great stuff here and I will have to avoid it like the plague if I want to have any money at all.

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